Is hologram Whitney Houston embarking on a world tour?

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Whitney Houston Hologram to Tour World in 2017

Original article taken from Project organized by Hologram USA in conjunction with singer’s sister, Pat The late Whitney Houston will return to the stage as a hologram next year. The project is being organized by Hologram USA in conjunction with Pat Houston, the singer’s sister and president of her estate. The virtual recreation of Houston […]


400 Years of Holograms: The History of Illusion

Original article taken from Technology that allows people, places, and things to appear in three dimensions is changing the way our armed forces operate, the way people elect their leaders, and the way entertainers—alive and dead—bring us joy. Meet the people on the front lines of the other virtual reality.  The dinosaur expert leans […]


Patsy Cline Returns via Hologram USA

Becoming the first Country legend to return to the stage via hologram, the beloved singer will be the star of a new show Beverly Hills, CA (June 22, 2015): Hologram USA and the Estate of Patsy Cline announced a partnership to create a hologram of Patsy Cline using HUSA’s patented technology. The hologram will be […]


Dead Comedy Greats Will Perform Again — in Hologram Form

Original article taken from A rendering of a comedy club at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, N.Y., that will feature holograms of stand-ups and comic actors from various eras. If you missed the chance to watch some of comedy’s greatest performers in their prime — whether because of scheduling conflicts, scarce tickets or the […]


Hologram Comedians, Real Laughs: Shows May Bring Back Late Legends

George Carlin with Richard Pryor at the American Comedy Awards on April 22, 2001. REUTERS Original article taken from “Motherfucker, that was incredible!” announced Jennifer Lee, Richard Pryor’s widow, when she first saw a demonstration of a hologram. Her late husband’s hologram may soon be performing a stand-up set. Pryor’s estate is one of several […]


The real reason why holograms of dead comedians are so innovative

Original article taken from A new Hologram Comedy Club, scheduled to open in August 2016 in Jamestown, NY as part of the National Comedy Center, promises to bring dead comics back to life. (Lucy Desi Center for Comedy) Hologram pioneer Hologram USA — the same people who gave us the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella in 2012 — just announced its […]

Buddy Holly

Virtual Buddy Holly to Appear in New Touring Show

Original article taken from Hologram USA is planning the production in partnership with the singer’s widow and head of Buddy Holly Licensing. A virtual Buddy Holly performance will headline a new show that’s planned to debut in Holly’s birth state of Texas during 2016. Hologram USA Entertainment will present the show in partnership with […]

Rolling Stones

Liberace Hologram to Tour World

Original article taken from A Liberace hologram is set to tour the world with a debut performance scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, though no dates have been announced yet, The Guardian reports. Sidebar Readers Poll: Ten Artists Who Should Return as Holograms » The company behind the new endeavor, Hologram USA, is working with […]