Vienna’s The Life Ball seemed the perfect chance to give a little back to the world. As Europe’s largest charity event supporting the HIV and AIDS community, it was a unique opportunity for us to wow its guests, which included famous names like Elton John, Greg Louganis, Kelly Osbourne and Bill Clinton.

The 2013 Ball’s theme was Arabian Nights. Based on a collection of South/West Asian stories and folk tales, it was fitting that our holographic technology be used to bring some exotic magic to the event.

As part of the opening ceremony, presenters Ruth Brauer-Kvam and Cornelius Obonya were confronted by a fantastical holographic Djinn, created by our patented HologramUSA Eyeliner™ system. Floating in mid air, it brought the Ball’s theme to astonishing life and left an everlasting impression on its attendees.