Japanese mobile brand au launched its exciting new music app ODOROKI (or ‘Perfect Sync’) with an incredible concert driven by HologramUSA’s Eyeliner. Through a truly electrifying campaign that brought together music and technology, KDDI Japan (the telecoms parent company behind au) unveiled its new app in a way that left Japanese audiences stunned. First a special concert with Japanese band FLOWER FLOWER was arranged, which included invites for 2000 au users. During the concert, the audience used the ODOROKI application and experienced “perfect sync” with the bands performance, producing synchronised sounds with their phones via the app. In an exciting twist, the band was surrounded by a 360° HologramUSA installation that allowed the entire crowd to enjoy holographic content that helped enhance the interactive performance. The campaign has generated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and raised the awareness of ODOROKI in a way that would not be possible without HologramUSA’s unique platform being implemented by its Japanese reseller, Spin Co. Inc. You can see the videos of the show here and here.